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Change is simple, not easy. I guide you to take aligned action.

Jen McFarland Foster Growth

Hi! I'm Jen. I evaluate women-owned businesses and provide recommendations for tactical decisions aligned with your purpose, vision, and values. 

I love three things: learning, listening, and being of service. They’re the backbone behind everything I do. I'm also a nerd. Weird as it is, leadership, mindset, and change seem to be where I geek out the most.

For over 12 years I've evaluated business problems and provided simple, powerful solutions. I've worked on 7-figure projects and helped solopreneurs thrive. Want to streamline processes? Reduce data entry time? Get programs to talk to each other? Find the best industry-specific tools? You've come to the right place. 

I love solving problems. It's my superpower. And for many business owners getting the right tools and strategies to support their business really stresses them out.

#1 reason I started my business?

I got tired of dude-bros mansplaining tech to my business-owner girlfriends, de-positioning them, and taking advantage of them. And I got tired of the business owners letting people run all over them. I'm here to show there's another way.

But that's not the whole story. Because technology is so important to business growth, some business owners give it too much power (or hand over the keys to their service provider).

I help business owners strengthen their leadership and mindset around projects, change initiatives, and tools and apps so business owners can focus on clients and family time. 

Bottom line: taking action must make sense for business growth while keeping you in the driver's seat.

It's hard to solve problems if we’re being serious all the time. I love coffee, my goofy dog, and I crack jokes to lighten the mood (you don’t have to laugh at them, but you gotta appreciate the humor!).

I sometimes wear cowboy boots, and I always keep a Mariners jersey tucked away in my bag (for baseball-related emergencies).

Okay, enough about me—send me a note and tell me about you. Then, let’s laugh and let’s get some shit done.

Are you starting a business? Confused about how to grow? 
Check out my favorite business growth tools.

Jen is a REAL wizard and super-shero!

Loni Langdon Owner, All Equines Bodywork

Jen is a REAL wizard and super-shero! With a heart of gold and ears like radar she listened with intent to my needs and concerns. Jen then crafted a system that works for me and my current capabilities with a mindset for business expansion. She found and consolidated the right tools and programs that make my life easier and more effective. From Facebook to finances and everything between, Jen knows her shit. Get the right person the first time around, f’n hire her!

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