Top 10 Time Killers & How to Fight Back!

List building keeps you from burning time
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What do you to waste time? Are you an avoider? A thrill-seeker? Are you paralyzed by indecision? Learn your ‘time wasting style’ and the top strategies for combating your procrastination blues.

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Planting A Leadership Garden​​​​​​​

Leadership workshop collage - license plate, compass, camera
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How Leading a 5-Day Leadership Workshop Changed My Business

My journey from an ill-fitting job and a side gig, to a life-changing experience leading a workshop in the pines of Idaho.

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3 Ways You Can Organize Your Inbox

Computer, smartphone, coffee cup, camera, text: organize your inbox
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Is your inbox out of control? Are you missing important business emails? Taking control of your inbox is about more than just organization – it can save you 2-3 hours each week.

Creating a process for organizing your inbox can save you hours of time each week.

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