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Jen believes if you practice self-awareness, active listening, and gratitude while continually improving your mindset you begin to build the pieces of holistic leadership. When you make aligned decisions from a place of connection, resilience, and relationships, you create an unstoppable, innovative system.

How to Work and Travel in Perfect Harmony
Let’s be honest. A big part of your dream to become your own boss was the fact that you could[...]
Jen’s Guest Appearance on Heart and Hustle Podcast
I had SO MUCH FUN appearing on this show. There's something so cool about sharing your message with new people. If[...]
Jen’s Picks
Last Updated: January 17, 2019 Jen's Picks are my favorite business growth products, services, and resources to help a business[...]
Foster Growth is now Jen McFarland
Announcement!  As you may have noticed if you were on the website earlier today, is now  It's all[...]
This is How Successful Projects Get Done
Have you ever gone full force into a new business plan or groundbreaking projects? I don’t mean full force like[...]
How To Choose The Best Project For Your Business
Sometimes being a freelance worker or entrepreneur is a lot like going to the buffet. There are so many tasty[...]
Business Challenges Crush You — Do You Get Up?
Business challenges will knock you down. It's what happens next that's most important. The 1997 Chumbawamba song “Tubthumping” is my[...]
Why Gratitude is Powerful in Life and Leadership
Let's just start with the basics. What is gratitude? It's the quality of being thankful. Every year at Thanksgiving time,[...]
How to Implement Change: Start with How You Do Things
It’s a little bit early for Christmas (for some people), but as it turns out Santa Claus has some stellar[...]
Rock Solid Businesses Need Rock Solid Foundations
I’m sure you’ve heard the parable about the man who built his house on the sand vs. the man who[...]
How to Get Down and Dirty with Data
Data is a word that’s daunting to many business owners. It’s much more fun to trust inspirational quotes and the[...]
How to Make Curiosity a Priority for Innovation
Curiosity killed the cat. Did you know the full phrase is "curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought him back?"[...]