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Jen believes if you practice self-awareness, active listening, and gratitude while continually improving your mindset you begin to build the pieces of holistic leadership. When you make aligned decisions from a place of connection, resilience, and relationships, you create an unstoppable, innovative system.

Bravery, Success & Venturing Out
Bravery, Success & Venturing Out with One Step Outside with Anna S. E. Lundberg
The Power of Public Speaking on Your Business
How was your week? I've had an action-packed week of presentations, client work, and podcast creation. Let's talk about Patty[...]
This week’s podcast, MailChimp follow-up
On this week's Women Conquer Business podcast I talked about the nasty break-up between MailChimp and Shopify and how all[...]
Taking on Risk as an Early Adoper
Today while I tested out some livestream software, I talk a little about being an early adopter of software, how[...]
Why You Need to Find Clarity Before Starting a Project
What I've found in working with teams or with even solopreneurs, is there are a few different approaches that people[...]
Procrastination & Instant Gratification
I've been thinking a lot about the last two episodes of the podcast. It might not seem to make sense[...]
Jen McFarland & Kronda Adair – Real Business Talk (Sales, Marketing, Tech & Content)
Tech, marketing, content, podcasts. All of the things! The follow-up to our great podcast interview, Creating Marketing Systems to Grow[...]
Jen & Sarah Real Talk
We're doing some talking. And it's real. #facebooklive #podcast
Quick Fixes vs. Short-Term Wins
This week’s podcast talked about Facebook Chat. It’s a funny, NSFW episode that hits home about how it feels to[...]
1st Anniversary Episode of the podcast
Liz and me chilling out in the Vandal Lounge in beautiful SE Portland, OR, celebrating the 52nd episode of a[...]
How to Resist Distraction and Focus on the People You Love
It was a slow erosion. Each day, another wave of distraction carried away a bit of my life, replacing it[...]
Moving Forward Leadership – Leading Change with Jen McFarland
Listen to "Leading Change with Jen McFarland - Episode 66" on Spreaker. Super excited to share my recent appearance on[...]