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Jen believes if you practice self-awareness, active listening, and gratitude while continually improving your mindset you begin to build the pieces of holistic leadership. When you make aligned decisions from a place of connection, resilience, and relationships, you create an unstoppable, innovative system.

1st Anniversary Episode of the Third Paddle Podcast
Liz and me chilling out in the Vandal Lounge in beautiful SE Portland, OR, celebrating the 52nd episode of a[...]
How to Resist Distraction and Focus on the People You Love
It was a slow erosion. Each day, another wave of distraction carried away a bit of my life, replacing it[...]
Moving Forward Leadership – Leading Change with Jen McFarland
Listen to "Leading Change with Jen McFarland - Episode 66" on Spreaker. Super excited to share my recent appearance on[...]
Writing + Automation+ Done for You = $450 (thru 3/15/19)
We have a writing and email automation offer you are not going to want to miss. Sarah Hadley is a[...]
YOU are a Gift to Others
When we realize and recognize each other's talents and treasures something extraordinary happens. It's also important to remember the gifts[...]
Emmy-Nominated Writer and Producer Senta Scarborough
Hanging with Emmy-nominated writer and producer Senta Scarborough to talk about the upcoming Third Paddle Podcast episode and take questions[...]
How to Work and Travel in Perfect Harmony
Let’s be honest. A big part of your dream to become your own boss was the fact that you could[...]
Jen’s Guest Appearance on Heart and Hustle Podcast
I had SO MUCH FUN appearing on this show. There's something so cool about sharing your message with new people. If[...]
Jen’s Picks
Last Updated: March 9, 2019 Jen's Picks are my favorite business growth products, services, and resources to help a business[...]
Foster Growth is now Jen McFarland
Announcement!  As you may have noticed if you were on the website earlier today, is now  It's all[...]
This is How Successful Projects Get Done
Have you ever gone full force into a new business plan or groundbreaking projects? I don’t mean full force like[...]
How To Choose The Best Project For Your Business
Sometimes being a freelance worker or entrepreneur is a lot like going to the buffet. There are so many tasty[...]