#39: Don’t Burn the Business Plan with Sandra Hughes

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Burning your business plan is the latest craze. We talk about why having and using a business plan helps you get clarity, align your goals, and set revenue targets to help you stay on track. Sandra Hughes also recommends building your business as a side hustle. Listen to this episode to learn why and how.

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About Sandra Hughes

Sandra has an MBA from Santa Clara University with a concentration in Leading People and Organizations. She is a member of the International Coaching Federation, ICF, and received her CPCC at the Coaches Training Institute.

She received her BA in Political Science from Wellesley College. Much of her professional experience, especially at Gap, Inc., was mentoring women and men. What gives her the most satisfaction from her previous career is where the people that she hired and mentored are today!

Today she is passionate about creating a supportive environment for aspiring and early stage entrepreneurs. With over 30 plus years she has become quite skilled in strategic planning, complex negotiations, hiring, mentoring and building relationships inside and outside of organizations. She knows how to create ‘something’ from ‘nothing’ and how to “get the job done.” Sandra has done this on an international level and has a lot of experience with asking the right questions to understand the problems before strategizing the best solutions.

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