#49: Digital Trade-offs + You Are a Gift + Origins Of Grandfathered In

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This week talk about the true costs and benefits of all of these digital tools that we use. I call it digital trade-offs. Are you getting just as much out of your screen time as you’re putting in? In the second segment, we talk about how sometimes the biggest gift, is you. And finally, we’re introducing a new segment called equity corner. Because it’s time for white folks to start having honest conversations about race.

Segment One: Screen Time & Digital Trade-Offs

I’m suggesting that the entire model for social media is meant to distract and to annoy and to make you check how many likes you have.

How much support are you getting from this digital community? Is it connecting you in any sort of meaningful way?

If you’re using social media for your business it’s important to know it’s pay to play. You’re renting space from social media landlords who rent space to large corporations who can pay a lot of money. It takes a special kind of magic to be going viral on social media anymore.

So the questions I have are:

  • Is your digital life operating in a supportive model meaning is it supporting your goals
  • Is it supporting your core key work?
  • Or is your digital life operating in a servant model, meaning, are you serving the digital beast?

* I mispronounced Cal Newport’s name a couple of times. It’s Newport, not Northrup *

Deep Work, Cal Newport

Digital Minimalism, Cal Newport

Digital Trade-offs ebook

Freedom distraction-free app

Boomerang for Gmail

Segment Two: You Are A Gift

When we realize and recognize each other’s talents and treasures something extraordinary happens.

It’s also important to remember the gifts we have within ourselves.

That’s part of what makes us all a gift to one another is that ability to see a friend who’s struggling or to recognize the struggle within ourselves and pull ourselves back and help our friends excel and be the best that they can be because it makes us all greater. And sometimes it’s just seeing what a gift we are.

Segment Three: Grandfathered In

This week we’re introducing a new segment to the show called Equity Corner. What’s Equity Corner?

It’s intended to raise awareness around the issues of the day including words and phrases we might think twice before using.

It’s a look at not only current events, but also history, so we can consider the unintended consequences and harm our words cause, including whether it’s a history we want to repeat.

This week we look at the phrase “grandfathered in.”

The Racist Origins of “Being Grandfathered In”

Grandfather clause

How I learned about it (what led to my learning more):

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