How Paid Email Can Save Your Brand

I work with small businesses. I understand budgets. Sometimes spending a little can save you a lot.

Recently, I had a conversation with a client that I really felt compelled to share. The business owner was reluctant to buy another G Suite account for an employee in a key role.

“I’m not going to buy a G Suite account for everyone,” she said.

Fair point. It costs her $38/year/employee using her domain provider. I am actively looking at other cost-saving options for the client (like Zoho).

But the point is: how much is your brand worth to you?

Your customer list. Your interactions with customers. Your brand. 

I totally get it – I’m a small business owner – you don’t have an unlimited budget. But you have to spend a little money sometimes to save your brand.

The email costs are particularly important.

Paid services, like Office 365, G Suite, Zoho, etc., offer you protections that free email (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) doesn’t. For example, if you do business using your cell phone, a paid service may include security options like remote wiping a phone, which will help you protect your brand.

Imagine what a criminal could do with your customer list. Not plausible?

What about a disgruntled employee? If you have employees, I really encourage you to have an email service that grants you administrative control over email accounts. It’s always good to be able to shut off an email account. Just in case.

Another reason to consider an email service is that you can use your domain. One of the first things I did after launching my website is purchase a G Suite account. It lends credibility to a business when you tie your email to a URL. Looks like you care, like you’re ready to play big.

Are you ready to play big?

Spend a little. Save your brand.

And run with the big dogs.


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