Women Conquer Business Podcast
Women Conquer Business Podcast

Women Conquer Business Podcast

Your Go-to Women in Business Podcast

Let's talk about building women-owned businesses. Women Conquer Business empowers you and gives you action-oriented strategies to reach your goals.

This is a must-listen podcast Women Conquer Business

ABOUT THE PODCAST  //  Jen McFarland

I've always found that people LOVE talking about what they do. All you have to do is ask. 

The show discusses successes, failures, and life situations. I've interviewed people who were incarcerated and a former Miss Singapore.  

Sometimes business comes up. Other times, it's straight up fun and inspiration.

The truth is, all of the stories contribute to who we are, who we serve, and how we impact the world.

I'm honored you're here to join me on this great adventure.

Jen McFarland, Host

P.S., I LOVE being a guest on podcasts.

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