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Third Paddle Podcast with Jen McFarland

The Third Paddle is a weekly podcast that explores transformational journeys, women's issues, and equity.

Your path may not be clear. One thing I know. We are all connected. When you get stuck in shit creek, sometimes you need a little help. A third paddle to get you out. Don't worry, that's why we're here.

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Truth in Business & the Impact of Women-Owned Business Jen McFarland Third Paddle

Jen discusses the challenges of finding truth in business in a ‘post-truth’ world, and the impact of women-owned businesses and people of color on the economy and hiring.

How to Release Yourself from Limitations Brian Fowlie

Jen interviews Brian Fowlie, who talks about his transformation from prison 'lifer' to meditation helped break through his limitations. Break free from your self-create prison.

Gerald Jones Third Paddle Podcast

Gerald Jones shares why it's important to create economic resources for black business, and how we can create a broader community so we can all rise together. 

Vulnerability and Imposter Syndrome with Allison Kinnear

Allison Kinnear shares her personal experiences with Imposter Syndrome on her journey to become a leader in the field. If you’ve ever felt like a fraud, listen here to realize your power.

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#54: Why Community and Connection Crush Facebook Chat Every Time
On this week’s show, my buddy Sarah Hadley stops by for a fun, NSFW chat. We talk about why some Facebook chat marketing schemes are predatory and can have negative unintended consequences - like destroying community and connection. If you’ve ever been spammed about acne cream or yoga pants via Facebook messenger by a complete stranger you know who we’re talking about. Yeah, Brenda, I’m looking at you.
#53: How to Follow Your Passion to Flourish and Get Paid with Craig Tennant
We've all heard, do the work you love, the money will follow. But do you believe it? Do you REALLY believe it? Even if you run your own business are you doing what it takes to flourish and get paid? Or do you hold back your true talents because deep down you think there's NO WAY you could make money doing what you love? Craig Tennant will help you get out of the rat race and make more than enough money doing what you really love.
#52: 1st Anniversary Hijinks, Listener Thank-you’s and the Next 52
After two blockbuster interviews with Senta Scarborough and Gerald Jones, Jen and Liz recover from a taco emergency to discuss[...]
#51: Building Equitable Business Communities with Gerald Jones
Leader, coach, speaker, and training facilitator Gerald Jones, host of the Buy Black Podcast | The Voice of Black Business, shares how the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile lead to his podcast, the importance of creating economic resources for black business, and how we can create a broader community so we can all rise together.
#50: Storytelling with Emmy-Nominated Producer Senta Scarborough
Senta Scarborough was nominated for an Emmy®️ for her production work at E! News on a piece about Joan Rivers. Whether it's producing for E! News, being a crime reporter in Arizona, or writing screenplays about Al Capone in Appalachia, storytelling is in Senta's bones. You're not going to want to miss this week's podcast — our 50th episode!!
#49: Digital Trade-offs + You Are a Gift + Origins Of Grandfathered In
Are you getting just as much value out of your screen time as you're putting in? I call it digital trade-offs. In the second segment, we talk about how sometimes the biggest gift, is you. And finally, we're introducing a new segment called equity corner. Because it's time for white folks to start having honest conversations about race.

Jen McFarland, Host, Third Paddle

Jen McFarland is a business owner, business advisor, podcasterblogger, and project turnaround artist. She’s helped hundreds of businesses and thousands of podcast listeners make better business decisions. Jen’s passion is helping women business owners overcome leadership and technology struggles. 

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