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Women Conquer Business with Jen McFarland

Women Conquer Business Business Doesn't Have to be Boring

Get useful insights and tools from industry experts to help you conquer your corner of the business world. 

Learn about leadership, projects, and digital marketing for women-owned businesses. We also talk about the courage and mindset required for owning a business. 

Together we conquer the status quo of women in business and leadership roles.

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#62: How to Protect Your Business When Powerhouse Companies Break-up
A nasty break-up in the digital marketing world left many small business owners scrambling. We talk about what happened, why, and how protect your business.
#61: It’s Never Too Early to Plan Your Business Exit with Ashley Micciche
Ashley Micciche says it's never to early to build value in your company with an eye on planning your business exit. Learn why and how to build value.
#60: Happy Accidents, Grace & Forgiveness
About 4 hours after last week's guest, Jennifer Allain, left my house, an uninsured motorist totaled our car. My reaction told me how far I've come on my journey seeking joy, grace, and forgiveness.
#59: Insurance, the Army & Michelle Obama with Jennifer Allain
On this week’s show, we meet Army combat veteran and small business owner Jennifer Allain. We chat about the Affordable Care Act, what it was like to be a woman in the Army in the late 1990s, and how it feels when you get to represent your community at a Michelle Obama event.
#58: The Problem with Instant Gratification as a Business Strategy
On today's show, I talk about instant gratification, how change actually happens (and why you might be giving up too soon), and the power of celebrating small wins.
#57 Why Procrastination Isn’t About Self-Control & Time Management
What if I told you procrastination wasn't about self control? Before you blow your money on another time management app let's understand more about what causes us to procrastinate.

Jen McFarland, Host, Women Conquer Business

Jen McFarland is a business owner, business advisor, podcasterblogger, and project turnaround artist. She’s helped hundreds of businesses and thousands of podcast listeners make better business decisions. Jen’s passion is helping women business owners overcome leadership and technology struggles. 

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