#54: Why Community and Connection Crush Facebook Chat Every Time

Women Conquer Business

On this week’s show, my buddy Sarah Hadley stops by for a fun, NSFW chat. We talk about why some Facebook chat marketing schemes are predatory and can have negative unintended consequences – like destroying community and connection. If you’ve ever been spammed about acne cream or yoga pants via Facebook messenger by a complete stranger you know who we’re talking about. Yeah, Brenda, I’m looking at you.

#53: How to Follow Your Passion to Flourish and Get Paid with Craig Tennant

Women Conquer Business

We’ve all heard, do the work you love, the money will follow. But do you believe it? Do you REALLY believe it? Even if you run your own business are you doing what it takes to flourish and get paid? Or do you hold back your true talents because deep down you think there’s NO WAY you could make money doing what you love? Craig Tennant will help you get out of the rat race and make more than enough money doing what you really love.

#21: Truth in Business and the Impact of Women-Owned Business

Jen McFarland Women Conquer Business

Join Jennifer as she discusses recent podcast changes, the challenges of finding truth in business in a ‘post-truth’ world, and the impact of women-owned businesses and people of color on the economy and hiring.

Lying is the new black, right? Nope, not in business. Oh, and women hold the purse strings - time to exercise them. #podcast #truth #business Click To Tweet

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