Let Automation Populate Your Pipeline

Foster Growth Automation Sales Pipeline

In any given day as a small business owner you have to do a million different tasks to keep the business moving forward, your clients happy and on top of all that you need to keep that sales pipeline healthy. It’s overwhelming. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what you SHOULD do versus what you need to do or want to do.

As a small business marketing consultant part of my job is to help you figure that out. One tool I often encourage my clients to take advantage of is automation.

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This is Why Paid Email Can Save Your Brand

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I work with small businesses. I understand budgets. Sometimes spending a little on digital marketing essentials like paid email services can save you a lot in the long run.

Recently, I had a conversation with a client. The business owner was reluctant to buy another G Suite seat for an employee in a key role.

“I’m not going to buy a G Suite account for everyone,” she said.

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