#54: Why Community and Connection Crush Facebook Chat Every Time

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On this week’s show, my buddy Sarah Hadley stops by for a fun, NSFW chat. We talk about why some Facebook chat marketing schemes are predatory and can have negative unintended consequences – like destroying community and connection. If you’ve ever been spammed about acne cream or yoga pants via Facebook messenger by a complete stranger you know who we’re talking about. Yeah, Brenda, I’m looking at you.

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Jen’s Picks are my favorite business growth products, services, and resources to help a business build a foundation with growth in mind.

It is not a replacement for consulting advice or industry research. It is exponentially better to reference this list instead of relying solely on crowdsourcing for answers on social media. Your friends are awesome, but unlike me, they probably don’t have 20 years of marketing and tech experience.

Last Updated: May 2, 2019

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