5 Ways Gratitude Makes You A Better Leader

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Expressing gratitude can be a game-changer – at the office, and in your life in general.

Showing gratitude with a simple “Thank You” is something most people learn as children.

But now that you’re an adult, how often do you take the time to show gratitude? To your significant other? To your friends? What about professional contacts and colleagues?

There’s a growing body of research to indicate that gratitude is more than a “positive emotion” – it improves your health, and possibly the health of others.

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Top 10 Time Killers & How to Fight Back!

List building keeps you from burning time
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What do you to waste time? Are you an avoider? A thrill-seeker? Are you paralyzed by indecision? Learn your ‘time wasting style’ and the top strategies for combating your procrastination blues.

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Productivity Hack: Pomodoro Work Sessions

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Brainstorming your technology or business needs can be overwhelming.One way to get over the overwhelm is to block your time for Pomodoro sessions (a time management method developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s).

Learn how to do it here!

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