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Allison Kinnear shares her personal experiences with Imposter Syndrome on her journey to become a leader in the field. If you’ve ever felt like a fraud or thought that vulnerability is a weakness, it’s important to know you’re not alone. This episode offers tons of strategies to help you realize your power.

Imposter Syndrome Survival Guide

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About Allison Kinnear

It is Allison’s mission to support women in bringing out the best in themselves.

As she reconnected with herself, she was able to find her voice and step into a more embodied life. Other women noticed and, together, she’s worked with hundreds of women supporting them in transforming their lives and finding their voice.

Allison believes that when women are connected to their feelings, bodies, and spirits in a positive way, our world changes for the better.

For over 22 years, she’s have worked with women as they navigate their vulnerabilities as children, mothers, daughters, employees and leaders. Her career has been grounded in understanding human development, leadership, and team dynamics.

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