Life’s too short for your website to suck at sales.

Is your website pissing you off? 

Your site has one job: to sell.

And it’s not pulling its weight.

You deserve to connect with your ideal customers. 

I help you get clear about how your website is blocking you from the customers you want and the money you deserve.

Allison Kinnear

Allison Kinnear

Voice of Her Own

Jen helped me get clear on my vision and take my business 
to the next level. I can't begin to describe how spot-on Jen's guidance is.

It's so frustrating when...

Your website gets lost in the black hole that is the internet 

Your site is so slow you think it might be stoned 

You know your people are out there, but they can’t find you


You could stay on this road.
But why would you want to?

You paid for this website. Isn't it about time it started working for you instead of against you?

What would it look like if your website started generating leads while you sleep? 

How would it feel if your online business presence served as an extension of you, your mission, and the people you serve?

That’s what your website should be doing for you. 

It’s hard to admit it. We pour our hearts and souls into our websites. We do everything we can to put ourselves out there. And when we miss the mark, it’s hard to see why. We’ve grown attached instead of thinking of it as a tool — a tool that brings people to you. People with money. 

Are you ready?

Jen McFarland, Owner, Foster Growth

I’ll assess your website and determine how it stacks up against its competitors. Then I will provide you with a comprehensive road map to reach your goals.  And, you get to access my 20 years of experience in technology and design during a one-hour consultation

I help women business owners make better decisions.
I would love to help you too.

Only $497 

Amber Cook, Owner, Healing Waze

Amber Cook, LMT


Amazing! I did the website review with Jen, and she went above and beyond what I expected. Jen walked me through the whole thing and answered all my questions in language I could understand (non-techie). She gave me tons of suggestions and useful pointers on how to "fix" things myself.

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