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This episode kicks off our women’s series. It’s an acknowledgment that we are complex human beings. And there are so many different ways we can be stuck.

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For the first 40 episodes, we’ve spent a lot of time talking about different trends, tactics, and methods for improving your business.

You might say we’ve worked together on your business.

We are not defined by our businesses; nor can we control outside forces. It’s also impossible to lead a silo-ed existence where our actions are governed by our business.

Basically, we’re not robots.

Today we talk about the importance of advocating for what you need. We talk about it through a progressive lens, but the message is clear that all women need a seat at the table regardless of race, politics or sexual orientation.

So sit back, relax, and kick off 2019 with a couple of blue girls from rural red states who talk about overcoming fear, imperfect advocacy, standing up for truth and equity, being vulnerable, and the importance of communication.

About Melissa Bird

As a writer, professor, life coach, and fiery public speaker, Dr. Melissa Bird creates the genesis for a new brand of leadership.

When she’s not building her public speaking Empire, she can be found reading trashy novels, drinking fine whiskey, playing mom to three delicious humans, and loving her punk rock scientist James Thomas Kelly.

Get her FREE handbook 5 Can’t-Miss Steps to Finding Your Voice and learn how to awaken your inner revolutionary trailblazer and engage in the quest for justice.

You can also connect with Missy at and on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @birdgirl1001

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